Dock Bumper


Our Dock Bumpers are manufactured from fiber reinforced prime rubber containing nylon and polyester. All of our Dock Bumpers have an impact recovery of 95% with a durometer reading of 80 plus or minus 5. This added strength ensures durability and longevity. Thetensilestrength ofeach molded dock bumper is 950-1505 psi. All of our modelshave pre-drilled, counter-sunkholes to accept anchor bolts.
Appropriate for outdoor or indoor protection.
For commercial loading docks, warehouses, parking garages, and marinas.
For vehicles such as tow trucks, trailers and heavy duty construction equipment.
In-plant wall protection from forklifts and other material handling vehicles.
Installs easily.
Eliminates costly and unsightly damage to equipment, vehicles and structures

Model Length Width Thickness Material
OEM-TH-005 1000MM 200MM 150MM Rubber