40CM Width Speed Bump 6CM H

40CM Width Speed Bump 6CM H (2)

Speed Bump is design incorporates interlocking system, which binds it perfectly. Round edge at both the ends of speed bumps provide it smooth edge & shape. The pre-coloured material (Black / Yellow) provides it permanent colouring and there is no need of painting it again & again.

● They are relatively easy for bicycles to cross if designed appropriately.
● Its modular design makes it quick and easy to install.
● Available in Black and Yellow combination for greater visibility.
● UV, moisture and temperature resistant.
● Modular design provides flexibility to suit any size of road.
● Reflectors and glass elements provides better night visibility.
● Speed Bumps are grooved for drainage of the rain water.

Model Length Height Width Weight Yellow Stripe Cable Channel Width Cable Channel Height Number of Holes
TH-SP-58 500MM 60MM 400MM 9KG EPDM Rubber Molded 45MM 25MM 4